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Sketch in 3D – With 3D Pen

 Sketch Your Imagination in 3D – Explore the Creativity in You 

A pen with the potential to change the way children think and draw, allowing students to draw in three dimensions and bring their drawings to life as freestanding structures.

We at 3DHALT, are taking the initiative to educate children about 3D Printing technology which is revolutionizing every known sector and embracing new career path.

One of which is – the way you draw!! Introducing 3D Pens in India, which is capable of creating objects in air.

Here we are to make your child aware of what the technology is, its uses and what miraculous work it can do by proposing a course where students can have hands-on with the 3D Pen, learn Basic Physics Concepts, Mathematical Geometry, Biological Science and also make creative designs.

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